#1/11/21 Turin Live Streaming

1ª battery. Also on the mile and with the number in the second row, Charmant de Zac in Turin was the first heat master of the Orsi Mangelli GP (in the picture). Antonio DiNardo watched after the deadlift, as did Filippo Roca at Chocchi Rock, while Caramel’s team passed 7 Cash Maker (13.4 for the first 200, on the track certainly not fast), and Idefix de Centule and Cobra Killer Gar adjusted him into a rope. At the fairway, Croizeross tried to advance offshore but was expected by Cobra Killer Gar and stayed in third wheel (4.25 for 600), followed at that point by Charmant de Zach and Chucky Rock. In front of the Croizeross surrendered (1.12.4 km in, on the acceleration of the leader), Charmant de Zach rotated the Cobra Killer Gar and moved to the third wheel in the last corner, always pulling the Chucky Rock. In the line, the Caramel Club tried to escape from the group of pursuers but in the middle of the track, Charmant de Zack certainly didn’t let go and overtaken him in the finish zone, closing at an average of 1.13. Chuky Roc ended up stronger, blowing up the female’s standing of honor. Also near the photo are the other squares, with the Cash Top in front of the Cash Maker and Cobra Killer Gar outside the final.

2ª battery. The prediction was also respected in the second battery, with Callmethebreeze who went with 2 in the lead and never worried, separating with authority on the finish line (32.5 for the last 600 metres) after pitting 13.5 for the first 200, 43.9 for the 600 and 1.14.5 km in. Back on the fly after hesitating in alignment, Cosmo Spritz settled on the rope in front of Cronos degli Dei and Corazon Bar. As he passed in front of the stands, Charlemagne d’Essie stepped outside, pulling Cayo Titus Pond and the Capital Mill. He didn’t experience any major change, with Cayo Titus Pond and Capital Mill just in the last corner throwing themselves into the third wheel. Meanwhile, while Callmethebreeze was isolated to close at an average of 1.13.1, upon the surrender of Charlemagne d’Essie, it was Capital Mail who deservedly won second place in the middle of the track. Corazon Bar finally found the space and took the lead to finish third on Caio Titus Bond and Cosmo Spritz.

Full of. A dazed filly, like Mangele, lived with Clarissa at last on the podium at the access line to make up for getting lost in Roman Oaks. Cash Bank Bigi, who after launch got “please take a seat” from Catherinell, Calypso di Poggio in front of each other, in fact, with the leader always saying no to the opponent in pressure (13.9 for the first 200, 28.5 for the 400, 41.8 for the 600) and Clarissa who advanced without opposition from Catherinell and Collier who kept quiet on the rope. Up front, Calypso di Poggio (56.5 in the 800 and 1.11.0 km) didn’t give up but gradually felt the pressure in the last half. And it didn’t get any better for Cash Bank Bigi, who stretched at the end of the last corner but lost his jog once he made it to the finish line and also threw in a win that was definitely possible at that point. Cash Bank Bigi knocked out the game, Clarissa exited a brief clash and isolated herself undisturbed, closing in on a clear winner with Alessandro Gocciadoro averaging 1.12.4, while Collier Inside finished second. Quinté (Skill has been paired with TQQ) was completed by Credit Cash As, Calenita and Coco Chanel Effe, all finished in one line. For Clarissa, the ’96 Scuderia Natalino’s Exploit Café bred by Daniele Ricci is her first classic success, after winning one of the Oaks qualifiers and second in the 3-year Women’s Championship.

The first battery GP P. and O. Orsi Mangelli-Giuseppe Guzzinati Award (€22.000, m. 1600): 1. Charmant de Zack (A. Di Nardo) 13.0, 2. Chuky Roc 13.1, 3. Caramel Club 13.1, 4. Cash Top 13.3, 5. Cash Maker 13.3. blueberry. 2,61 2,47 2,19 1,48 (11,96) Triple 45,23.

2ª Battery GP P. and O. Orsi Mangelli-Premio Vittorio Guzzinati (€22.000, m. 1600): 1. Callmethebreeze (A. Guzzinati) 13.1, 2. Capital Mail 13.5, 3. Corazon Bar 13.6, 4. Caio Titus Bond 13.6, 5. Cosmo Spritz 13.8. blueberry. 2,44 1,22 1.83 1,65 (9,32) triple 17,22.

So in the final: 1 Charmant de Zac (AD Nardo), 2 Callmethebreeze (A. Guzzinati), 3 Capital Mail (M. Minopoli), 4 Caramel Club (San. Mollo), 5 Corazon Bar (A. Gocciadoro), 6 Cash Maker (Mass Castaldo), 7 Cosmo Spritz (M. Cheli), 8 Chuky Roc (F. Rocca), 9 Caio Titus Bond (E. Bellei), 10 Cash Top (VP Dell’Annunziata)

GP Orsi Mangelli Filly-TQQ (Group 2, 88,000 euros, 1,600 metres): 1. Clarissa (A. Gocciadoro) 12.4, 2. Collier 12.8, 3. Credit Cash As 13.1, 4. Calenita 13.1, 5. Coco Chanel Effe 13.1. everything. 2.61 1.96 3.98 4.81 (49.40) TQQ: Tris 6-1-11, €325.46 for 71 winners; Quarté 6-1-11-7, 3658.61 euros for two winners; Quinte 6-1-11-7-3, Nevada

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