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PTI Chairman Imran Khan Niazi ties knot to Bushra Maneka Yesterday in Lahore

Third Marriage of Imran Khan Niazi done with Bushra Maneka who is spiritual adviser in Pakpattan. This nikah ceremony held in Lahore in a very simple way. Imran Khan close friends Zulfi Bukhari and Awn Chaudhry attend this Nikah cermony along with family member. Few family member also attend this ceremony by Bushra Maneka.


Who is Bushra Maneka

Bushra Watto who was Bushra Maneka because of her 1st marriage with Khawar Farid Maneka former senior custom official. From the 1st marriage they have 5 children, 2 sons and 3 daughters. Bushra Maneka belongs Wattoo clan. Bushra Watto from very respectful family who also Pir (spiritual guide) based in Punjab.

Imran Khan Marriage History

According to sources this nikah ceremony held in Lahore and Imran Khan left Lahore for Islamabad at Sunday night. This Imran Khan 3rd Marriage before this he married with British socialite Jemima Khan on May 16, 1995 and ended with divorced in 2004. His second marriage with Reham Khan who was the Tv anchor and former BBC London newscaster on January 2015 which ended 10 months after announced. Mufti Saeed was the nikah khawan in his last two marriages.

Congratulating By Politicians

All the politician from PTI and other parties congratulating Imran Khan PTI Chairman for his 3rd marriage and giving all the best wishes to him for successful married life. We also give him best wishes for his new journey with Bushra Watto.


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