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Pics of New Islamabad International Airport Pakistan

The construction of New Islamabad or Benazir International Airport is under process. It will be inaugurated by the Prime Minister Pakistan Nawaz Sharif on August 14, 2017. According to Civil Aviation Authority, 95 percent of the work on the project has been completed.


Islamabad International Airport that is currently the third largest international airport in the country will probably become the largest international airport in the country that will server at a time almost 4,500 passengers. The updated facilities after the completion of Islamabad International Airport are: the ability to dock two Airbus A-380 Planes, 15 Bays, cargo handling, safety & security features, parking and easy access from Motorway & 2 and GT Road.


The up gradation of Islamabad Metro Bus Project will give the passengers easy access to the airport. The inauguration of Metro Bus Project is set to start at the same time as the IIAP’s inauguration. The extended project of Metro Project will connect it to the Islamabad airport.

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